• Who am I? That is the question

    I am a man like anyone else. Someone may argue we are all different… Yes, we are all perfect in our imperfection. We rarely realize how much we actually differ from each other. We expect the others to react the same way we do. Or they will behave according to what we think is right. We do not even suppose that “right” could be something different to them.

  • Live your life to the fullest, in love,
    here and now

    Perceiving yourself in unity is the best drug you can experience in this life. It is the best and most perfect feeling of love, harmony, happiness, joy and fulfillment that can only be gained this one way.



The way to yourself

Who am I? I claim that I know this with certainty, but is it really so? Why do we live in a superhuman hurry, chaos, and everything is crashing to us then? Why are we so different and why everyone needs something else?

Invest in yourself and participate in a set of four incredibly powerful and interactive ENNEAGRAM workshops about psychological typology of personality that brings you different relationships, different view of meaning of life and yourself, comprehension, and a new life.

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“Live your life to the fullest, in love, here and now”

If we are looking for our real strength, we find it in our complete revelation and vulnerability.

If we begin to feel important and valuable to ourselves, we will lose the need to get these feelings out of the way through judgment and condemnation.

If we can not be free in ourselves, how can we give freedom to our partner and children? What then do we actually give them in addition to addiction?


They wrote about me

If you expect him to find a solution for you, you are wrong. He “JUST” leads you to the path of knowledge and gently keeps there, encourages and supports you. And if you start to doubt about meaning of the goal, he teaches you it is not the goal what matters, but the path. I recommend him as a therapist, advisor, coach … name it as you like.

To bol ten zlom v mojom živote, odkedy som sa opäť postavila na nohy a odrazila od dna. Odvtedy sa vo mne veľa zmenilo. Začala som na sebe pracovať a svet okolo seba už teraz vnímam trošku inak. Seba vnímam inak. Mirovi neskutočne vďačím za to, že mi pomohol prelomiť ten najťažší kúsok, prvý kúsok. Že mi ukázal spôsob.