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If you seek for inner self-understanding, your own progress towards living of life, do it!

The main heroine of the book Olivia will offer you many real situations from “ordinary” life (yes, even exciting sexual scenes) through our internal struggle. If we admit just for the second what happens within us, how it boils, what are our feelings, what are we worrying about, our fears, injuries, failures and we realize we need to get rid of them … finally we understood the intention of Olivia´s author how to work with a book. Every moment of a plot that “makes as angry” in between the lines or causes a negative emotional response (no, it’s not a book´s or author’s fault) it’s worth to look at it! It is that emotion from the past and what it hides … it is exactly what limits us and takes away our freedom of life. We need to take our own responsibility for what this book has brought to us and stop hiding.

  • Kniha OLÍVIA, časť prvá
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