Past lives, regression therapy through crystals (Crystal Grid)

This therapy is led by therapist and will take us on a journey to past lives in conscious and gentle way.

The strong network is created by grid of crystals which opens energetic fields that connects to our physical and ethereal body. It allows us to connect with our genetic memory in DNA and with full memory of our soul. It strengthens our skills to see, hear and know as well.

Also our experience from past lives are stronger. You will be led to meditative state but you will be aware of whole journey and therapist will create safe room to lead you through journey without drama, pain or suffering.

It could help with:

  • Identification and solution of past lives experience that influence our present life
  • Get rid of drama, fears or programs you are experiencing now but they come from past lives of your soul or your ancestors
  • Broaden the conscious of who we are
  • Remember skills, experience and knowledge from past lives and receive them in present live
  • All in all this therapy will bring you emotional solution, self-confidence, acceptance and approach to move forward