Consultations are based on interview and I recommend to try it if you want to move forward in your life, find out what you like, what your talent is, your strengths and how to apply them.

This kind of therapy is suitable if you stand on life crossroads and need to move along, get rid of repeating issues and find out what is their reason. Maybe you need to reveal a way how to communicate better with your partner, your children, or how to find your inner satisfaction.

I will lead you to your consciousness and answers to questions you are asking yourself or your life through well aimed questions.

I also use psychological typology Enneagram in consultation: I will help you to find out what kind of type you are and what is basic motive of your behaviour. We will look deeply at this motive or incentive then and determine what are your options to work with it; e.g.: how to step by step get rid of everyday anxiety, procrastination, often anger outbreaks or aggression, what kind of persuasion or pattern from the past is hidden behind your burn out, etc.

You can look at your life and your place in it in a different way thanks to this therapy. Gradually you will start to perceive yourself, your body and emotions more. You will understand that you can work with your emotions in a different manner than to suppress them or run away from them.