“Live your life to the fullest, in love, here and now”

Who am I?

Very important and difficult question. I am a part. Part of everything and everyone.  Someone may be satisfied with this answer but someone will be more interested.

Who was I?

An enormous EGO that ran for success, strive for perfection, material security, differentiation, showing that I am more than everyone else. I did lot of things to prove something  to the others. I got new and bigger goals, just to make myself different, just to show my superiority. And all of this was just to gain self-consciousness, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.  What I was not aware of was that I ran away further and further from what I actually wanted to get. It hurt me, it destroyed me, so I brought more effort into it; I tried even more. I achieved leading positions, a degree in front of my name and also behind … Outwardly I was very successful but at the expense of relationships and myself, too. However, that was not enough, I needed more …

Nothing satisfied me. So I tried even harder. So hard that I started to neglect myself.  To prevent I could get sick and be unable to work and might lose the leading position I managed to solve my illness through three-day antibiotics. That is what they are used for, right? Colleagues hated me, I was arrogant and “the best”; I knew everything “better” than anyone else. My health started to fail. Taking antibiotics became my regular habit. Allergy to pollen began turning into asthma, year-round medicament taking and two kinds of inhalers during the season to breathe. Enzyme disorders, zero tolerance to lactose, histamine intolerance … It all rose until I got to the moment when I was not able to stand up from bed. That was the moment after I started to seek. This seeking brought me to the various healers who helped me to get rid of antibiotics. But, it still did not heal the diseases which my doctors said they can not cure …

How I allowed myself to live and love

I felt it is not true. It was unacceptable for me. I found The Journey. It turned me inside of myself. Step by step I started to understand that everything I was chasing up I had in myself; I did not have to go anywhere. Needless to prove anything to someone, I got pain only. I began to realize that it is my life, and it only matters on me how I live it and not how others judge my life. During the therapeutic program, I realized that I live. At that moment my life ceased to escape through my fingers and everything slowed down. I began to perceive people, nature, and especially myself more. I started to accept and allowed myself to start love “me”.


I left my job and started to work with clients which inspired me to develop work on myself. In addition of using the Journey, I started to use Theta healing, Craniosacral Therapy and Tantra. Being aware of importance of work with emotions and body, I combined these methods to create a unique Body Acceptance method. I recovered from allergies, got rid of all medicaments. Enzymatic issues have greatly decreased …

I work with clients on their personal development, discovering themselves, their live paths, sense of life, healing of illnesses, fears, removing of trauma, pain, we solve sexuality issues and opening to their own vulnerability, strength, self-esteem and self-acceptance. To make changes permanent I use  various tools in my work – I work mainly through their subconsciousness.

As well, I do workshops about the unique typology Enneagram, various lectures and seminars.

A book Olívia

I have written a book “Olívia, part one” based on my experience – it is about woman, her inside and (we must admit it is quite well hidden inside for everyone of us)  thought and emotional life. It is about limits, pains, fears, or phobias that hurt us so much in our lives. This book combines self-consciousness and personal growth, all in a stunning story full of twists, moments of vulnerability and sexual scenes. It has the potential to show you things we do not want or can not see, and thus it will help you to understand them more.

More about book

What is my message?

I’ve been chasing something for my whole life. The faster I went, the more distant it was. I have always set new goals, either in personal or working life. But any time I reached them, the expected satisfaction did not occur. Now I know that our expectations steal our life.  They make us not to solve the real moment we live in, but we are tied up with situation we want to come in the future and at the same time we lose days, weeks, months of life in the expectation that we will feel better one day, how it will all be solved, how it will all change … What if we can make changes and decisions right here and right now instead and leave the past in the past and future in the future? Just to live in the present and live our life without losing it through fingers by expecting an illusion that will never bring us fulfillment we are seeking for.

My wish for all the people is that more people will find the strength to look at themselves, they will open up to vulnerability and from the strength they find there, they will start to live and influence the world around them :).

“Live your life to the fullest, in love, here and now”